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“We’re not striving for perfection. We are just trying to have fun. None of the music that we like is perfect. It’s good, and real. We just want to make real records, flaws and all.” - Dan Auerbach

Guitar Practice

Today, let's do some rhythm work using the ii V I progression,.

ii V I is the single most common chord progression used in jazz, and can be heard in standards like Autumn Leaves, Perdido and countless others.

The ii Chord wants to move forward to the V Chord, and the V Chord wants to resolve to the I chord. Think of it as Setup > Tension > Resolution.

Practice it for several minutes, to internalize the sound and and chord voicings.

Option 1:

Option 2. This uses what's often called the Charleston rhythm. The first chord is on beat 1 of each bar, and second chord is on the 'and' of the second 2

Ii iii IV V Triads in F Major

Gear Spotlight

Blade Guitars

Image c/o Blade Guitars

Switzerland-based Blade Guitars has been producing high-quality guitars and bass guitars for over 3 decades.

After repairing guitars for over 2 decades, luthier Gary Levinson launched Blade Guitars in 1987 based on a concept he calls 'Classic Design, Creative Technology".

Blade produces a wide range of guitars and basses that are played professionally around the world by the likes of greats like Keb Mo, Bernard Allison and many others.

Blade's guitar models range from the telecaster-inspired Delta line, to the Strat-style Classic Series, to the modern look of the Durango series.

Blade Durango DD-4

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